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About Us

Established in 2004, i-Blu is a Los Angeles based full package apparel development company offering services to emerging designers, growing companies, and national brands whose focus is on garment dyed pieces for the high-end, contemporary market. Our highly experienced and talented team provides individualized support from the start of the sample development including design consultation and fabric sourcing to pattern and marker making through the final production onwards to packaging and shipping.

  • The Founder

i-Blu is led by its founder Jolie Yi. Jolie has more than 22 years of Apparel Industry experience working exclusively with clients to turn their visions into reality while promoting the integrity and functionality of relevant designs and technology.

  • Aim & Philosophy

Under the guidance of Jolie, the goal at i-Blu is to provide our established as well as emerging clients with dynamic and custom tailored experiences that set the foundation for their continuous growth.


We are garment dye experts offering vertically integrated full package programs

  • Our Specialty

  • Full Package Manufacturing
  • Private Label
  • Cutting
  • Sewing
  • Sample Development
  • Marking & Grading
  • Garment Dye
  • Finishing
  • Quality Control

i-Blu checks quality at every stage in the manufacturing process. We practice open communications with our clients, factory, and vendors to maintain maximum client satisfaction. For example, garment dye submission is given prior to bulk cutting so our client is aware of any issues with fabric or dye processing beforehand. True T.O.P sample is submitted prior to bulk sewing and dying, which is approved before being put into motion. Inline quality inspection at each step of the sewing process ensures the final product shipped exceeds client expectations.

Factory & Studio

i-Blu proudly wears the "Made in USA" label

All of i-Blu's development and production is processed in our own facility located 5 minutes south of downtown Los Angeles. We practice the latest advancements in industry technology and methods to diversify our line to meet our clients' needs. Inline with our philosophy on promoting Made in USA, our studio is equipped with Tukatech system for pattern and marker making that is uniquely designed to form fit the body.

Our operators are highly trained and skilled LA residents, many with over 10 years of industry experience. We abide by the minimum wage laws and we welcome you to visit our factory to see for yourself how each garment is made.



Our highly experienced and talented team designs solutions that are custom tailored to each client.

Made in USA

Made in USA

i-Blu provides jobs for over 100 Los Angelenos. Our operators are highly trained and skilled with years of industry experience.

Main Office

i-Blu Main Office

All of i-Blu's development and production is processed in our own facility located just 5 minutes south of downtown LA.

Latest Technology

Latest Technology

We maintain the most relevant and innovative standards of technology designed to withstand the test and the spirit of time.


In-house Facilities

i-Blu's factory is located next to our main office which enables us to keep a consistent and open dialogue between each process.

Cutting Table

Industry Standards with a Personal Touch

We strive to maintain proven standards as we evolve and grow. Jolie has put her heart into i-Blu and will continue to expand and nurture its capabilities.

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Los Angeles, CA 90007

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